Ghost Stories in Parkville

Spanky, noted as the most terrifying of all The Little Rascals.

Pack an extra set of drawers for this horrifying event. The tales of terror that have been prepared for this immersive experience may just leave you scarred for life. You should also probably bring a raincoat or an umbrella for the buckets of prop blood that will be sprayed on the audience during the biggest jump scares. Ooooo! 👀

Hold up, ok wait not this is not that kind of event. But there WILL BE storytellers spinning spooky yarns (appropriate for all ages) and food, and bonfires, jack-o-lanterns, fog machines, and oh man, it will be fun. And the weather will be glorious. And best of all, it is FREE. Additional bonus: the Bear Fighters will perform spooky interludes with original tunes, and they will provide accompanying sound effects to enhance each storytelling experience.

Event details: Saturday October 29, 2022 at the Parkville Nature Sanctuary, from 6-9PM. Read more about this event