Founded in the cruel winter of 2007, The Kansas City Bear Fighters first took shape as one lonely man’s homage to music as a salve for the soul. Originally, the group performed under the nom de plume “The Denver Broncos” which many considered to be the product of one man’s struggling and genius search for a fire that could crack the deep cavernous walls of his soul.

Quinn, the band’s leader and sole songwriter, took up music after a failed career as the leader of a short-lived, but violent, cult. Sean, brother of Quinn, son of Stephen and Katherine, is as tough as the soviet hammer and as crooked as the scythe that crosses it. Grant is a man of many talents who collects stamps and is an amateur etymologist; both trades he learned while serving a eight year sentence in Leavenworth for torturing a farmer and his wife. Jeffrey Williams, the newest and most flexible member of the band, was the youngest of his family acrobat act called “The Flying Williamses”. A gangster who’d been extorting money from the circus sabotaged their trapeze equipment, and Jeff was the only one who survived the disaster. As part of his elaborate vow to avenge his family, he took up playing the guitar.

The crooners play regularly throughout the Midwest.