Halloween show with MAW!

Spooky cat with lightening bolt eyes
Oh my god that cat is peering into my soul.

Over the years, we’ve released many songs that could be construed as “Halloween” songs. Many, many songs. A whole lot. Quite a a few, some would say. Too many, you ask? NEVER. NEVER SAY THAT DON’T EVEN THINK IT.

Listen, spooky songs just really do “it” for us, you know? Even though Halloween comes and goes every fall, these tunes just scratch that spooky itch for us all year long. But we can only sprinkle them in here and there throughout a year of shows. You can’t just do wall-to-wall sets of spooky bangers in April and not expect to get run the hell outta town. The only exception to the rule? If you’re playing a Halloween show with the greatest old-time band Lawrence KS has ever seen! In which case, you are allowed to play ONLY scary songs for the whole evening!

This is an early matinee show, so you can get home safe and sound before the sun goes down and the Sunday scaries really set in! YIKES!

Sunday, October 16, 6PM. Replay Lounge (this is an outdoor show on the patio). $5 cover, all ages. See more event details