Pint Path After Party

Pint Path

It’s time to party! Pint Path typically keeps the Check-Out location a secret, this time they’re going big so they want you all to know what to expect:

Check-Out for Pint Path will start at 3:30pm. You can arrive to F325 BBQ earlier than that but Grand Prize and other raffle prizes will not be passed out until then. On the patio, a Pint Path representative will be giving out numbered tickets (1-100) for the Grand Prize and raffle tickets for the other prizes. The first 100 Pint Path attendees in line, who have completed at least one path will get one Grand Prize ticket. Each Pint Path attendee will get one raffle ticket for being a part of Pint Path, and then one additional raffle ticket for each path completed (up to 4 raffle tickets). If we feel like you’ve got a great costume and/or are enthusiastic about the event, you may get extra raffle tickets.

At 3:30pm, we will be inside F325 BBQ in the upstairs area and we will call numbers 1-35, then 36-70, and then 71-100. After everyone has collected their Grand Prize, we will be outside doing raffle prizes. Raffle prizes include gift cards, merchandise, and other items donated by local businesses. This is also when and where we’ll be doing our SUPER Grand Prize raffle. We will have 3 local businesses’ mug club memberships to give away. Cinder Block Brewery, Big Rip Brewing, and another TBD.

At about 4pm, KC Bear Fighters will take the outdoor stage with some live music for the After Party. F325 BBQ will have their Pint Path specials still going on.

The Pint Path team will be hanging out and joining the party with Pint Path attendees. They’ve worked hard to make this event happen and want to join in the fun! The other Pint Path participating businesses will still be offering their specials until 5pm, so be sure to check all of them out.

Pint Path organizers said that the Grand Prize will be revealed soon. See you there.

DATE: April 13, 2024