Unfit Wives in Lawrence

Unfit Wives
Image courtesy of Unfit Wives Instagram

We’re happy to be on the bill with our friends in the Unfit Wives! We will show them our workout routines and health regimen to hopefully get them in better shape and in a healthier mindset with regard to body image and married life. Sometimes we do squat thrusts through band practice to keep the blood pumping through what is ordinarily a relatively sedentary evening of rehearsal. Also, a regular sleep routine with at least 8 solid hours of sack-time are essential to getting toned and letting your body and mind recover from a day of healthy eating and regular cardio.

EDIT: I’ve just got word from our PR team that we have misinterpreted the moniker of “Unfit Wives”. Well, it happens. Shoot, with a name like “The Kansas City Bear Fighters” we’ve been misidentified as a C-league hockey team more times than I’d like to recount! The ladies of the Unfit Wives are indeed toned as hell, and more importantly incredible songwriters and performers! We look forward to this matinee showcase at the Replay Lounge, 946 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044 on Friday August 19 at 6PM.