Raytown Showdown

Clint Eastwood
Smoking is no longer cool. Neither is Clint Eastwood, frankly.

Its a travesty and embarrassment that we’ve never played Raytown before. Frankly, it makes me sick to think about. Well, instead of dwelling on past mistakes and missed opportunities, we will march toward the future and perform on Saturday June 24 at Gnarly Hustle’s monthly event that, frankly, sounds like a darn tootin’ good time. All-ages inclusive, food, drink, activities, vendors, bands, and cool vintage clothing. Following the Bear Fighters is a band called Talking Backwards. Frankly, the Bear Fighters have never been more excited to play a tight 45 at an outdoor venue so close to home, and yet such a tantalizingly exciting opportunity for new adventure that awaits just on the horizon. Also, I’ve never used the word “frankly” in a sentence before so I’m making up for lost time.

Time: Saturday June 24, 3:30PM
Location: Gnarly Hustle, 6317 Raytown Rd, Raytown, MO 64133
Cost: FREE